Professor Cashin & Learning and Living in DC

Georgetown Law Professor Sheryl Cashin, and her work, especially Localism, Self-interest, & the Tyranny of the Favored, introduced me to the problems of our local government systems and the fragmented metropolis.  The article discusses the work of Richard Briffault and Kenneth Jackson’s Crabgrass Frontier.

I’ve been concerned about suburban sprawl since high school.  I’m from a Western Pennsylvania farm town that was bulldozed into a Pittsburgh suburb as I grew up.  I saw the destruction wrought by cars and traffic, in term of the lives of friends and favorite places.  I read about the environmental damage and watched our country go to war for oil in 8th grade.  I understood the policies that invested in this destructive development.

But it wasn’t until I moved to Washington, DC for law school and started learning from Professor Cashin that I understood the other side of the devastation coin – the communities left behind by sprawl.   Continue reading Professor Cashin & Learning and Living in DC